Artist Of The Month / Cluniac


Cluniac was born on December 13, 1983 in Houston, TX where his parents had recently moved from Long Island, NY. As a product of divorce at only the age of 18 months, the soon to be agressive rap artist was forced to move back to New York to be raised by a single full time working mother of two.
 Eventually, At the age of 10 Cluniac relocated to Largo, FL at a time when gangs and violence was the only influence in his life. Soon after, learning from wise Hip Hop artists that there is another way, he took his bad experiences and used them for something positive.
When Cluniac was a fresh Florida native, he met Jordan “JG” Groom. Cluniac and JG, both born up north, instantly became friends and had each other’s backs during a time of jealous people and violent streets. Cluniac and JG were bonded musically and dreamed of one day opening up a major label that would refresh the industry.
 In early 2008, Open Fist Records was born. In 2009 Cluniac linked up with Killarmy superstar, "Dom Pachino", AKA "P.R. Terrorist", owner and CEO of Napalm Recordings. Thus, making OFR and Napalm a tight business affiliation. Other collabs soon followed including; "Stumik" of Raekwon’s Ice Water, "P-Doe" of the Luna Empire(Miami/NY) , "J-Gordi" of Hitmen Records, Bogota Columbia’s rising street poets "Impetu de la el Cebero", and just as recently as of January 2011, Cluniac has earned a spot on the anticipated DJ Green Lantern mixtape "The Unsigned Invasion". And soon after that, DJ Green Lanterns "Overtime Grind".
Cluniac released his first Album late 2011 titled "Dysphoria" and is now finishing a free cd download, hosted by DJ Symphany. He is now on the way of becoming a permanent name in Hip Hops history books.!/Cluniac