If Drake ever quit music, he'd have a solid career in comedy. According to 24/7 Hip Hop News, Mr. Graham launched his Virginia Black Whiskey last year. Now he is following it up with a commercial alongside his father, Dennis. He is definitely the scene stealer. You can’t help but laugh as soon as he appears.

The clip opens with Drizzy taking a shot at Dos Equis and their “Most Interesting Man in the World.” The camera then pans to Poppa Graham where he quips “First date? Aw you know we’re going dutch.”

In another commercial, Drake opens in the same manner. Still sitting fireside, Dennis Graham goes, "You wanna know whats under my du-rag? Another du-rag."

Somehow, I believe him. Take a look at the commercials and drop your comments below.

While Donald Trump openly struggles to relate to anyone who is not Vladimir Putin, he apparently can relate to what it is like to be a black man, according to Don King, a well known black man himself. During an interview with Politico, the boxing promoter spoke about his relationship with Trump and gave insight into what he asks the president when he reaches out to him for something pressing.

King said “I tell him that the establishment will tell their lies. They will try to keep him down. … I tell him, ‘Now Mr. Trump, they’re treating you like a black man.’… I say, ‘Mr. President, you know what it’s like to be a black man. … No matter what you say or do, you are guilty as hell.’

The comparison seems off-putting for King to say, and shows he does not know his “friend” as well as he says. In the past, Trump has called for black men like the “Central Park Five” to be executed by taking out a full-page ad in a newspaper days before any of the men’s trials took place. Along with saying Trump knows what it’s like to be a black man, King also compared Trump to the likes of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

50 Cent has disclosed that he'll be dropping his sixth studio album sometime later this year. The Power producer made the announcement during a chat with Access Hollywood Live's Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover on Saturday, July 15. Fif gave fans reason to anticipate that the vibe he is coming with will keep the clubs popping when he again brought Jay-Z's 4:44 up to infer that it wasn't the type of fun music fans are thirsty for in hip-hop today. “It won’t be as smart as the JAY-Z record," 50 said of the project. "I want to make music that people can have fun to, so you don’t have to stop. You get it immediately without having to sit and analyze it.” Street King Immortal will follow up on 50's 2014 effort Animal Ambition, and is speculated to be the last recording venture he takes on before he transitions to television. The G-Unit boss made mention of his plans to retire during an interview with Muscle & Fitness magazine in December, telling the publication "I don't want to write another record after that," in reference to the upcoming album.

Fans of the iconic hip hop group The Fugees were treated to a tremendous gift by Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex, as he debuted a "new" unreleased track including all three band members on Saturday, July 15.

Funk Flex took to Twitter Saturday afternoon to teasing he was dropping a new Fugees track on his radio broadcast. While it's been years since we've heard Pras, Wyclef Jean, and Lauryn Hill all together on record, the speculation of a new song began reunion possibilities.

Although Pras has stated, he's doubtful a reunion of the group may ever take place, the track which premiered Saturday night sounded similar to their classic album The Score, but with a new 2017 freshness.

As hip hop fans rejoiced over the new song, Lauryn Hill took to Twitter to let the world know the track was far from new. "Hello Folks, The 'new' song is indeed an old track played around with back in the day in the lab" Hill tweeted. "Not sure who leaked it, but I have my suspicions."

Shia LaBeouf was arrested Saturday in Savannah, Georgia around 4 AM. He was charged with obstruction, disorderly conduct, and public drunkness.

According to police statements and what we can make out from the video, Shia walked up to a bystander and a police officer asking for a cigarette, but neither had one. However, the Savannah Police Department said that LaBeouf became rowdy and vulgar when he was told no and proceeded to run to his hotel lobby where he was arrested.

What's interesting about this particular arrest is that while being arrested Shia almost calls himself black. In the past, we've seen LaBeouf attend anti-Trump rallies and show a lot of love and appreciation to black culture. Perhaps while being arrested for a brief second Shia felt what black men go through every day or maybe he was just a little intoxicated and made a mistake.

What do you think? let us know in the comments.

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