The amount of distrust that is present amongst people of color and the police is constantly growing, especially with shootings of unarmed black people by police being caught on camera. Now, a clip has surfaced that finds a former police officer speaking on how he framed over 50 people by planting drugs on them. Former officer Andrew Collins went on The Steve Harvey Show and described how he would go about framing and arresting people with phony stories of the alleged perpetrator possessing drugs. One particular case involving a man named Jameel McGee was mentioned, as Collins described planting crack on the man which led to him getting a 10-year prison sentence.

Sunday [July 24], Katt Williams was arrested for misdemeanor battery, after allegedly assaulting a woman in the Sherman Oaks section of Studio City, Los Angeles. Williams was reportedly detained at the Sportsmen's Lodge restaurant on Ventura Blvd. at noon time. Investigators are continuing to look into the matter, but what is known thus far is that the alleged victim is an employee of the establishment.

The Fugees found great success with their second album, The Score, and Pras spoke in detail about incidents leading up to the album's release during a recent interview with VladTV. He explained that he was so dedicated to the album that he was living in the studio and homeless, but it all paid off in the end.

Deon Cole got the opportunity to write for TV host, Conan O'Brien and Katt Williams during the peak of his career. When discussing Katt, Cole said the comedian tested his skills by inviting him to join his writing team. Deon said Katt would continually tell him he wasn't funny, but would insist on him staying on and continue writing. Although his jokes never made the cut, Cole says it was because Williams was organically funny. "He never used nothing that I wrote, but he always just wanted to see what I wrote." He explained, "Certain comics don't really actually need a writer per se, They just need somebody around them that will make them think differently about certain things."

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