The couple admitted on the air that Waka had cheated on Tammy, but said they are working through it. “It’s a process,” said Tammy after the topic was brought up by hosts DJ Envy and Charlemagne. Flocka also admitted to how foolish his decision was. “I’m 30 years old. When I let my wife leave. I’m like ok. You start realizing that was the realest in your corner. Part of who I am today is because of my wife. Just being 100 percent,” he said. The rapper said he started having issues when he was hanging with younger rappers who wanted him to act like the Flocka that came out back in 2009. He’s changed since then, but in an effort to feel young, he started trying to blend in with them. “Our philosophy is different,” he said.

Flocka came clean about what he wants in life. “I want a family. I want the real love. Especially me being Waka Flocka. Sh*t ain’t real around me. I can’t become a man because that little boy is still around,” he said. He also explained making changes within himself. “It never was nobody. It was always me. The changes are with myself because at the end of the day can’t nobody tell me what to do. I’m egotistic. I never knew I had that much ego.” He said DJ Whoo Kid randomly checked him on that ego. Flocka said the short time away from Tammy helped him to realize what he needed to do in order to repair his marriage. The couple said a lot of the cheating rumors were fake, but there was a real affair. Flocka said his motive for cheating was trying to impress friends.