Recently released surveillance of the March 2016 arrest of a black social worker in Houston, has been making its way around the internet, as it appears to contradict an internal investigation which found no wrongdoing on the officer Gentian Luca's part. Earledreka White, 28, was allegedly stopped, wrestled, and jailed for two days after crossing a double white line.

It has sadly been reported that the popular 90's psychic Miss Cleo is dead at just 53 years old. Her rep told TMZ that she passed away in Palm Beach, FL due to colon cancer. Miss Cleo was released to a hospice center last week, but according to the rep was a "pillar of strength" throughout her sickness. The cancer was said to have spread to her liver and lungs.

Miss Cleo, whose real name is Youree Harris, was known for her memorable line, "CALL ME NOW," and promises to tell the future to anyone that called into her hotline. Harris later went on to do voice over work in the [2002] edition of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

R.I.P Miss Cleo, you'll be missed!

George Zimmerman was assaulted in a restaurant in Sanford, Florida over the weekend, by a customer who took offense to him allegedly bragging about the killing of Trayvon Martin. Despite him having been the victim in the violent exchange, according to a Seminole County Sheriff's Office report, witnesses who overheard the conversation before the confrontation corroborated that Zimmerman had indeed presented himself as "that guy who killed Trayvon Martin," and even showed his I.D. card, after introducing himself.

Dr. Dre was involved in a dispute outside of his Malibu residence that escalated into a run-in with the law on Monday (July 25) afternoon. According to a report from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office, deputies were called to the scene by a motorist claiming that the 51-year-old producer had pulled a gun on him. Upon the arrival of authorities, Dre was handcuffed, but a search turned up no weapon.

The incident occurred when Dre returned home but was prevented from parking due to a vehicle blocking his driveway. At his request, the stranger did move, but not without exchanging obscenities with the 51-year-old rap music legend. With the accuser allegedly continuing to mouth off, Dre reportedly pulled out his cell phone to record the taunts, at which point witnesses claim to have heard him say, "Here we go again, another black guy with a gun."

TMZ reports that the Aftermath boss was able to record the final moments of the dispute. In the absence of a supposed fire arm, deputies did not honor the man's demand that Dre was placed under citizen's arrest, but he did fill out paperwork. That driver's report is in the process of being reviewed by the D.A. to determine whether there is substantial evidence to make a case.

On Monday, former Dipset rapper, Cam'ron took to Instagram to preview some new music for fans. In a new video posted, Cam'ron records himself rapping along to a track, going back down memory lane and detailing what it was like to grow up on 139th and Park in Harlem.  And how good it felt to make it finally out the violence-stricken neighborhood where best friends could resort to killing one another. During his freestyle, Cam also touches on growing up with fellow Harlem emcee Big L and the man allegedly responsible for his 99’ murder where he was shot nine times in a drive-by.

In a video posted to Cam'ron’s Instagram on Monday captioned, “Part 1 #LosingWeight3 #KS2#TheSequel Just warming up.” The rapper goes in, in true Killa fashion detailing his life story on a verse rapping, “Whoever thought Cam would grow to grow some millions/ 101 west you should have seen my building/ 139 Park started out as children. Grew up with Big L and the dude that supposedly killed him.”

According to Cam who opens up about the murder that happened almost 20 years ago, Big L’s death was in retaliation for trying to kill the alleged shooter a week before his death. Following Big’s L’s murder back in 99,’ his childhood friend Gerard Woodley was arrested for his murder but controversially let go, leaving his murder forever unsolved.

Listen to Cam full track above and chime in with your opinions below. Are you ready to hear new music from Cam?

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