50 Cent Not Optimistic About Bobby Shmurda Beating Case

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50 Cent is not optimistic about Bobby Shmurda's chances of beating his case.  In an interview with The Daily Beast the G-Unit general gives an idea of the odds he sees Shmurda facing as he invokes the history of gangsters who were sunken by conspiracy charges.  Alluding to Bobby's short run as a local Brooklyn rapper before striking overnight success, 50 underscored the probability that Bobby had no clue his rhymes would garner such attention that references made in them would draw the attention of police. "When you get charged with some real serious shit, the craziest thing is when you can’t see how serious the situation is," said 50. "Because that is…give me a body, give me a homicide before you hand me a conspiracy charge. You can’t beat conspiracy."

"John Gotti, The Teflon Don, took out bodies and it wasn’t a problem. He was walking around in nice $2,000 suits and shoes and s*** like that. But when you put him in a conspiracy case, he washed up. That means you knew and you were aware of it, but they’re not even saying how much you actively were involved, but you knew and were aware of it. The song itself confirms conspiracy," he said.

After turning down a plea bargain that would have let him off after 8 years, Shmurda saw the extent to which authorities were serious about taking GS9 off the streets, when in May associates A-Rod and Rasha received 53-year and 98-year sentences, respectively.  Bobby has reportedly remained hopeful that his lawyers will have the case acquitted for a lack of evidence which directly links him to a crime; taking the position that his incarceration is the result of his rights being violated.