5 Police Officers Killed By Sniper, 12 Wounded During Protest in Dallas

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"We heard shots, we smelled gunpowder, and that's when everything got really intense and surreal," one witness told MSNBC news. "We just started to run and grab kids."

Hundreds of protesters were reported to have convened in what was one of dozens of nationwide actions waged in dissent over the killings of Alton Sterling in Louisiana on Tuesday, and Philando Castile on Wednesday in Minnesota. There were also demonstrations held in Atlanta, Seattle, Washington D.C., New York City and Oakland. Meanwhile in Baton Rouge mourners held a second line parade for Sterling. Artists Beyonce and Drake joined a chorus of celebrities to speak out against the shootings, with open letters to their fans, while President Obama spoke about the need to confront racial inequality in the criminal justice system.

Authorities are currently seeking a camouflage clad suspect, whose photo is being shared by media sources. They have proceeded with caution, as it has also been purported that the vigilantes may have planted a bomb in the area. Witnesses estimate having heard up to 30 gunshots in the chaos. Police believe there to have been an involvement of two suspects in the shooting.