Jersey's own, Redman sat down with DJ Vlad to talk about his upbringing in Newark, getting kicked out of his home for selling drugs, and how he got his start in music. Growing up in "Brick City," Redman says there was so much testosterone in his neighborhood that he would find himself or even see other men fighting daily. Involved in the street life, Red became a drug dealer supplying cocaine and marijuana for local clients and even took part in some robberies, which would lead to his brother and friends serving 10-12 years in prison.

Although his parents tried to steer him in the right direction, he was caught up in the street life, and inevitably thrown out of their home for the second time when his father found drugs in his room. Fortunately for Red, one night out changed the course of his destiny forever. The rapper says he attended a show headlining MC Lyte—who was later replaced with his favorite group, EMPD, and got the opportunity to rap alongside the rappers who shown interest in him. After exchanging information, Red waited many months in limbo because his friend said he would make the initial call. When Red grew impatient with the run-around, Red said he memorized the phone number from that night and decided to call Erick Sermon of EMPD, and take him up on his offer to meet. From then, the two talked about working together and in the process, the homeless rapper found a place to live.

Check out the full interview below.