Ebro Responds to Drake's Funk Flex Diss During MSG Show

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Following Drake’s set Thursday night, footage captured him saying “You see, they telling lies on Hot 97. That’s how it goes. I told em’ fire Funk Flex and then I’ll come and do your show. Plus, me and Kanye just left out the studio. It's my first night in the Garden and feeling like D.Rose.”

Hot 97’s  Ebro Darden and crew weighed in with their opinion of the situation early Friday morning, and according to them, while Drake did make references to the rumor Ebro started with regards to him coming for Eminem, he was not recorded saying “F*ck Hot 97” like initial reports suggested by Complex.

Additionally, Darden went on to clarify his remarks suggesting that Drake was gunning for Eminem, and shared with listeners that his comments were a bad joke that was taken out of context. The team also touched on Drake’s strained relationship with the Hot 97 Kingpin, FunkFlex, and let it be known that the DJ of 25 plus years would not be going away anywhere, anytime soon, even with the insistence of Drake.

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