Street Money Boochie Speaks on No Plug Killing His Cousin Bankroll Fresh

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No Plug recently told Vlad TV that he ended up killing Bankroll Fresh after they got into an altercation outside a recording studio. No Plug said Fresh fired at him, his entourage fired back and Bankroll ended up dead.  Street Money Boochie said it’s all lies. “It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out there’s lies being told,” said Boochie to GRIP Magazine. "Y’all know who Bankroll Fresh is. Bankroll Fresh. Like if you see Jesus with a gun in his hand you like ‘Jesus you tried to kill me.’ He ain’t got time to waste his life on you.”

Boochie did confirm that No Plug and Bankroll Fresh knew each other before the incident. “Even though the real situation is not [what he said in the interview]. Fresh knew the person,” he said. If it was him, Boochie said he would have ended the friendship when problems arose. He also said that his cousin was a guy that didn’t hate on anybody, but jealousy from the people around him ended up causing the shooting.

To hear more of Boochie’s side of the story, check out the video above.