Video of Dozens Injured After Rail Collapses at NJ Snoop & Wiz Concert

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A show headlined by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa in New Jersey ended in near tragedy on Friday night [August 5], when a rail supporting the weight of fans closest to the stage collapsed, bringing down dozens of concertgoers with it. Camden County officials confirmed that up to 42 people received medical attention, with 15 of those treated having been taken to a local hospital, 10 of whom are noted for having sustained the more serious of injuries which ranged from bruises to broken bones. One individual has been taken to Cooper Trama Center, where they rest in critical condition.


The incident occurred about halfway through Snoop and Wiz' set at BB&T Pavilion. At around 10:30 p.m. the duo had gotten up close to perform on the venue's secondary stage, and encouraged fans to raise their level of energy, screaming "get up!" when the railing gave. Video of the moment it happens shows those at the very front toppling over their elevated platform and rows people piling on behind them. Snoop and Wiz were ushered off of the stage and the concert was canceled, with the rest of the 25,000 patrons in attendance directed out of the pavilion so that focus could be placed on treating the injured from that point forward.

Accounts tell of most of those who were hurt limping off, but a triage was set up near the parking lot in the impending moments. Some would be placed on cots and others on stretchers, as medical personnel prioritized those treated, by the severity of their condition.