Dylann Roof's Attacker Released After Posting $100,000 Bond

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According to the New York Daily News, Stafford was released on $100,000 bond. Stafford had been in jail since January of 2015, when he was taken in on first-degree assault and strong-arm robbery charges. He likely would not have been given the option to make bond had Roof selected to press charges following the assault, but the 22-year-old mass-murder suspect chose to forego taking legal action. Charleston County reports tell of Stafford having launched a flurry of blows to Roof's face and body, before being pulled off of the cradled victim. Guards at the facility could give no justifiable reason for how Stafford was able to leave his steel bolted cell and travel down a flight of stairs to get to Roof, except to say that there was a miscommunication with one officer having gone off on break.

Roof, an avowed white nationalist, who faces nine counts of murder, along with weapons, attempted murder, and hate crime charges, was said to have sustained "relatively minor," injuries in the incident. His trial is scheduled for January of 2017. If convicted, Roof faces the death penalty.