Bow Wow Says He's Retiring from Rap After Making $20 Million

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Moss was immensely popular when he burst on the scene as Lil' Bow Wow in the early 2000s.  He earned several platinum and gold albums alongside his mentor Jermaine Dupri.  He even garnered the name Mr. 106 & Park for the numerous weeks each of his videos remained at the number 1 spot on the popular hip-hop show.  His adult career had a few good moments like when he made Face Off with Omarion and signed to Cash Money in 2009. Since then his relevance in hip-hop dropped off significantly while his career in acting began to rise, including playing a top hacker named Brody “Baby Face” Nelson on CSI: Cyber and roles in numerous movies.

He's attempted several times to spark interest in his music again, recently leaving Cash Money and reportedly signing a management deal with Bad Boy Records.  This decision was supported by a collaboration with Dupri ("WYA (Where You At?)") and new music ("All I Know") that were released last year.

“Me and Jermaine, we are just at point where we just work,” he said of their chemistry “We just work. If it’s hot, we putting it out and we going with it. We just riding the wave. If we gotta put out one, we will. We ain’t hesitant to do that, but we ain’t in a rush to do it neither. We want to have some fun with the music. Get out here, put these records out for the people and go out here and do what we gotta do. And build this ship up. That’s when we want to do.”

On Saturday, Moss posted on Instagram that his final album would be called Nylth, and a movie will accompany the album.  He also says it will be executive-produced by Snoop Dogg, whom he attributes for bringing him in the game.  He also says he won't be holding back and he's going to talk "RECKLESS" on his last project.

Some fans were perplexed by Moss' announcement, noting that in the minds of many, he was already retired, or more so irrelevant.

Moss says he's made $20 million off rap, and that he doesn't want to be greedy, nor can he see himself rapping at 30 years old.  He says he's satisfied with what he's made from the rap game and has three new TV shows.