J Prince on His Son Jas Prince Finding Drake, Current State of Hip-Hop

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James Prince aka J Prince is considered an OG in both the hip hop and sports world.  He formed Rap-A-Lot Records where he serves as the CEO and is the manager to top talents like boxer Andre Ward and formerly Floyd Mayweather.  His presence in the rap community also lives on through his son Jas Prince who discovered Drake.


Most would consider Drake a stark contrast to the hip-hop of the 90s. Drake is sometimes called soft as he often sings.  His content is about women and other things he experiences instead of drug dealing, violence, and poverty others may have dealt with.  Prince, however, says hip-hop is about evolving.

"Hip Hop is doing, you know, like it always has, evolve to different levels, to new sounds.  It's an evolving state, you know, I'm not mad at it," J Prince told FightHype.  "My son's latest discovery with Drake, hey man, we happy."

J Prince says it's all about music evolving, and he's proud of his son's accomplishments.

"It's nothing like observing the fruit of your labor," he says.  "To observe all that you taught and put in your kid, for them to use it, and it work.  That's a blessing as well."

With all the controversy that has surrounded Prince throughout his career, he says there isn't anything he'd change.

"I'm thankful for my journey, man, I have no regrets, and I'd do it all over the same."