Allen Iverson Gets Asked about "Practice" Again, Goes Off

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Iverson hosted the Celebrity Summer Classic game for charity on Friday; he had just finished discussing his MVP season during the press conference when someone asked if he still felt the same way about practice all these years later.

"Obviously, you didn't get it," Iverson said. "Obviously, you didn't get it when I explained it, man. I didn't think I'd ever get that question again. See, you might not have seen the documentary, so I'll give you that. I'm just gonna hope you didn't see it. You just heard me say I was the MVP. That's the best player in the whole world. You think I can be the MVP without practicing? That'd be a bad motherf*****."

If you haven't seen the documentary either, in it Iverson explained that there were talks about him being traded from the Philadelphia 76ers and he was also upset about the death of his best friend.  He's mentioned before that he doesn't like to talk about the rant, but apparently, people are going to keep asking.