Drake & His Father Team Up for Virgina Black Whiskey Commercials

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If Drake ever quit music, he'd have a solid career in comedy. According to 24/7 Hip Hop News, Mr. Graham launched his Virginia Black Whiskey last year. Now he is following it up with a commercial alongside his father, Dennis. He is definitely the scene stealer. You can’t help but laugh as soon as he appears.

The clip opens with Drizzy taking a shot at Dos Equis and their “Most Interesting Man in the World.” The camera then pans to Poppa Graham where he quips “First date? Aw you know we’re going dutch.”

In another commercial, Drake opens in the same manner. Still sitting fireside, Dennis Graham goes, "You wanna know whats under my du-rag? Another du-rag."

Somehow, I believe him. Take a look at the commercials and drop your comments below.