Webbie Has a Seizure On Instagram Live

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Rapper Webbie recently took to Instagram Live where he proceeded to speak his mind while getting a massage. During the live stream, the rapper visibly looks as if he going to cry, and speaks on how he should have never gone home to Baton Rouge. The rapper’s live stream constantly features him saying “praise the lord” and talking to himself while he is in a car getting a massage. According to the rapper, he had a seizure in jail, and while on the broadcast he almost had another seizure. As the rapper asks for the Lord to “help me through this madness,” he was allegedly on his way to the hospital. The rapper made sure to tell children watching the broadcast that you don’t have to be a gangster or a thug as well. According to him, all of these thoughts stem from him having a nearly-fatal seizure earlier and actually surviving. Watch above.