Ohio recently executed a child murderer, making this the first time the state has executed someone in three years. According to Fox 8 News in Cleveland, Ronald Phillips was convicted of raping and murdering his girlfriend’s three-year-old daughter in Akron, Ohio. The 43-year-old man attempted to request a stay three times. All of his requests were denied. His requests were joined with two fellow death row inmates that had execution dates on the horizon. The reasoning behind each of the inmates asking for a stay was so they could challenge Ohio’s latest lethal-injection procedure.

According to reports, the death penalty was placed on hold in Ohio since 2014 because of a death row execution that found an inmate being snorting and gasping for life while they were being injected with a new lethal drug combination. Phillips’ last meal consisted of a large cheese pizza, Pepsi, grape juice, a slice of bread, and strawberry cheesecake. Phillips was executed early Wednesday morning.