Black Man Shot By Cops While Trying To Calm Autistic Patient

This past Monday, an unarmed black man in Miami, Florida was shot in the leg despite having his hands up and showing that he had no weapons. According to reports, police responded to a 911 call saying there was a man with a gun threatening to commit suicide. In actuality, behavioral therapist Charles Kinsey, the man who was shot,  was trying to calm down an autistic patient who had ran away from the group home he worked at. Kinsey told reporters that the police might have mistaken the autistic man's toy for a gun.

Cellphone footage was captured of Kinsey laying on the ground while simultaneously trying to calm down the patient as police pointed their guns at the two of them. During the standoff, Kinsey said that he told officers "I’m going to the ground, just like this with my hands up. And I’m laying down here just like this. And I’m telling him again, 'Sir, there’s no need for firearms. I’m unarmed, this is an autistic guy. He has a toy truck in his hand.'" Kinsey noted that despite what he said, he was still shot. When he asked the cop who shot him "Sir, why did you shoot me?," the cop responded by saying "I don't know." Kinsey was shortly handcuffed after being shot and was taken to the hospital.

According to WPLG-TV in Florida, the officer who shot Charles Kinsey was placed on administrative leave during the investigation into the shooting.