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Nearly 10 years after hip hop mourned his tragic death, Rice University announced that it will honor the late Pimp C by archiving artifacts from his life. The university's Center for Engaged Research and Collaborative Learning has reportedly acquired numerous items of promotional value, as well as personal artifacts that it will begin exhibiting on January 31.

According to the CERCL's founding director Anthony B. Pinn, fans of the UGK rapper will be taken for a trip down memory lane through the library's featuring of rare concert footage, sheets filled with handwritten lyrics, and documentation of UGK's Grammy nomination. Those who might not have been familiar with Pimp C will not only be introduced to his legacy through memorabilia and musical content, but will get to learn about the man behind the artist. Pinn confirms that the center will also be displaying paperwork detailing his run in with the law, from the Texas Department of Justice, along with an original copy of his obituary.

Pinn says the creation of the archive has all to do with recognizing the rich cultural contributions Houston's artists have made to the city, starting with Pimp C. “The CERCL archive is committed to preserving the historical and cultural memory of Houston, and in this way helping to recall how Houston fits into national conversations and developments. One dimension of the archive involves hip-hop culture in Houston," said Pinn. "A vital component of the history of Hip-Hop in Houston involves UGK, and so we are delighted to include Pimp C in the archive. His materials shed additional light on the importance of Houston the the global development of Hip-Hop.”

Last week one of the nation's most celebrated Ivy League schools made headlines for it's own acknowledgement of Hip Hop history, when producer 9th Wonder announced that he had been chosen to select works to be archived in the prestigious Harvard Library. He listed albums by A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Lauryn Hill and Kendrick Lamar as the first four artifacts to be featured.

Rice University will officially unveil the Pimp C archive with a panel called "A Trill Legacy."


Recently, Uber drivers tried to do business at the JFK Airport during a taxi strike that fell in line with the #MuslimBan protests. The NY Taxi Workers Alliance issued a statement saying all drivers should avoid the JFK Airport area this past Saturday to align with a protest against President Trump's executive order that barred travelers coming from Muslim countries from entering the United States. Uber issued a statement via Twitter, saying surge pricing has been turned off at JFK. Consumers began to respond to Uber by deleting the app from their phone and hashtagging #DeleteUber. Uber issued a statement about their JFK Airport-related tweet, saying "We're sorry for any confusion about our earlier tweet-- it was not meant to break up any strike. We wanted people to know they could use Uber to get to and from JFK at normal prices, especially last night."

Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick was recently named as one of 19 executives that are allegedly set to provide economic advice to President Trump, which also played a part in the boycotting of Uber and the hashtag #DeleteUber. However, the CEO allegedly sent an email out to employees before the strike took place saying he had intentions on helping drivers who were affected by Trump's ban.

Official Single Off Ceazar & Reason's Double Dynasty EP Coming Soon

Kanye West made Billboard music history this past week, as he moved past Michael Jackson into the all-time top ten list of artists with the most Top 40 hits. Both Jackson and Frankie Valli had anchored the list with 39, before this week's numbers determined that ScHoolboy Q's West assisted "THat Part" had elevated to 40th from the 42nd position on the Top 100 chart. With the achievement, West joins partner/boss Jay Z and top-5 all-timers Drake and Lil Wayne as the fourth Hip Hop artist on the list.

Despite all of his incredible on the court performances, Allen Iverson's practice rant in 2002 was one of the most memorable moments of his Hall of Fame career.  This is proven as he's still being asked about it 14 years later.

There's more unity in hip-hop as Prodigy and Tru Life came together and posted photos on a New York City rooftop showing that all is well, and the issues between them that spanned 17 years are over.

James Prince aka J Prince is considered an OG in both the hip hop and sports world.  He formed Rap-A-Lot Records where he serves as the CEO and is the manager to top talents like boxer Andre Ward and formerly Floyd Mayweather.  His presence in the rap community also lives on through his son Jas Prince who discovered Drake.

Shad Moss aka Bow Wow, has announced his retirement from rap this weekend.  Beginning this August, Moss started a tour in Australia.  After performing at a club called Alumbra, he shared photos on social media with a message to his fans.  He announced that he's leaving the rap game for good at just 29 years old.

Known just as well for his outspoken views on racial issues as his aggressive lyricism, Killer Mike has never been one to shy away from discourse. After hearing about Michael Jordan’s generous donation to efforts in ending police violence, the legendary rapper wanted to see a little more from the GOAT.

Alex Rodriguez announced that he will be retiring from the diamond this week, during a pre-game press conference on Sunday morning [August 7]. The 22-year-veteran will play his final game on Friday versus the Tampa Bay Rays, departing early to make way for the Yankees to begin breaking in some of the young talent they've recently acquired. Although it is likely to be the last time he suits up in New York pinstripes, the three-time MVP's undeniable baseball talent has landed him a suit and tie role, as the front office promises to bring him aboard as an instructor and special advisory to the organization.

Kardashian family youngster Kylie Jenner is three days away from blowing out the candles on her 19th birthday, but the gifts she receives on August 10 might be hard to top the one she received from Tyga on Saturday, August 6. Both Kylie and her on-and-off again beau took to Snapchat to share photos and video of her new Mercedes-Benz Maybach, after he brought her out to unveil the bow-topped surprise to the tune of Stevie Wonder's rendition of "Happy Birthday."

Funkmaster Flex returned fire against Drake Saturday night [August 6], making good on the promise he made via tweet, to address the Summer Sixteen Tour rapper when he told fans to mark their calendars and tune in after Drizzy called on Hot 97 to fire the DJ during an opening night freestyle on Thursday. "Don't you come to my city and try to play me! You know why? You ain't strong enough to get me fired. There ain't no rapper in this city strong enough to get me fired!" Flex said during his broadcast. "You the biggest rapper in the world, and you can't get me off this station!"

Flex went in on the Toronto rapper, claiming to have info that he implied might not bode well with the streets, nor with fans of the art, as he explained the roots of Drake's beef with Meek Mill having to do with the 6-god himself leaking the original rendition of what we now know was a ghostwritten R.I.C.O verse, so as to deflect from being responsible after being "pressed" on whether he was going at Meek. Flex then alleged that Drake wound up wearing a sling after his fight with Puffy because his security guard yanked him away to save him from a beating he was sustaining. The veteran Hot 97 DJ wouldn't stop there, going on to remind Drake that Future, who is accompanying him on his tour, was on the hook of the "I Got The Keys" song in which Jay-Z allegedly goes at Drake on. Flex spoke his comments directly at the Views rapper, as he implied having the intuition to know that Drake is conflicted in bringing the Atlanta Trapper along to provide street cred to his show, all the while knowing Future was in on Jigga's attack on him.

"Khalid screaming. And Khalid been keeping me off of you for six months, my brother," Flex said, before dropping a bomb. "I mean, this is what he wanted right? You think they're going to fire me now? Sandal man?"

Finally, Flex brought it back to Drake's very first freestyle on mainstream radio. He referenced back to the memorable "Blackberry Freestyle," in which Drake spits bars while scrolling his phone. Flex explained the decision as to whether Drake's team would even give the footage a go, being a calculated one, which he never understood seeing how at the time reading rhymes off of a phone was not commendable. Never the less, Flex claims that despite his advice that they go strictly audio on the freestyle's release, he was encouraged by Drake's people to put the video out. "You wanted people to think that you write your bars. You wanted people to think that on that Blackberry those were yours and that you wrote that," he said, before breaking down his observation of alleged ghost writer Quentin Miller standing by Drake to direct him on how to deliver his purchased lyrics. "You wanted to solidify that because you knew this day was coming one day, when people might see, or question your pen."

Throughout the 24-minute radio slot, Flex proclaimed to have no fear of Drake because 70% of his fans "wear high heels," while the other 30% are men who "wear sandals." In that context, Flex does lighten the shade by commending Drake on having attracted an unparalleled following but recommends that he lay off of the tough guy act. "Leave the hardcore bars to other people, and everybody's good," he said before signing off.


Just two days ago Dwayne Stafford was a relatively unknown prisoner at the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center, where he had been held for a year and a half. That was until he managed to locate and put a beating on fellow inmate Dylann Roof after escaping his cell at 7:45 a.m. on Thursday. Within hours of his assault on the 2015 Charleston church shooter making the news, Stafford was receiving the praise of millions, many of whom went as far as gifting him with funds to his commissary. By Friday night [August 5], the 25-year-old Goose Creek resident was on his way home, having made bond.

The internet has been good to Charleston County jail inmate Dwayne Stafford, after it was reported that he attacked Charleston church bomber Dylann Roof on Thursday morning [August 4]. News of the incident sparked celebration across social media in the days to follow, with some even volunteering to compensate the 26-year-old prisoner for his deed. It has now come to the media's attention that an organization called "Taking a Stand Against Discrimination" has led the way in ensuring that Stafford receives any prospective funds.


A show headlined by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa in New Jersey ended in near tragedy on Friday night [August 5], when a rail supporting the weight of fans closest to the stage collapsed, bringing down dozens of concertgoers with it. Camden County officials confirmed that up to 42 people received medical attention, with 15 of those treated having been taken to a local hospital, 10 of whom are noted for having sustained the more serious of injuries which ranged from bruises to broken bones. One individual has been taken to Cooper Trama Center, where they rest in critical condition.

Bankroll Fresh’s Cousin Street Money Boochie says No Plug’s claim that he killed the rapper out of self-defense is untrue.

A former North Tonawanda, New York firefighter was arraigned in court Friday morning [August 5], after he was arrested for arson in connection with a fire that burned down the apartment of a Black man he had once trained with. Matthew Jurado, 39,  [who is White] admitted to police that he had set the blaze as an act of revenge, after he was laid off from his position as a volunteer in the department. Wednesday's fire made headlines as it came two day's after the victim, Kenneth Walker, received a racist letter in his mailbox, which referred to him as a N****R and threatened repercussions if he did not resign.


Former NBA star Dennis Rodman was driving the wrong way on a California freeway when he caused a crash on [July 20.]

Last night, in NYC at Madison Square Garden, Drake and Future kicked off their Summer Sixteen set to a packed house and according to many witnesses in attendance,  the “6 god” had some choice words for Hot 97 as well as Funkmaster Flex. Drake’s Thursday night’s jabs come as no surprise since the last year there has been bad blood between Drake and the station following Funk Flex releasing reference tracks as the result of the well-documented beef between Drizzy and Meek Mill. It looks like Hot 97’s Ebro Darden is now getting into the mix and responding to Drake’s alleged “f*ck Hot 97” diss.

We sat down and did an exclusive interview with Webbie for VladTV. In the interview he talked with us about if he would smash Whoopi Goldberg, his album "Savage Life 5" being number one, and Boosie's comments in a previous VladTV interview on being gay.

Recently released surveillance of the March 2016 arrest of a black social worker in Houston, has been making its way around the internet, as it appears to contradict an internal investigation which found no wrongdoing on the officer Gentian Luca's part. Earledreka White, 28, was allegedly stopped, wrestled, and jailed for two days after crossing a double white line.